6 benefits of becoming a CPA

The CPA license is globally accepted and opens up many new avenues & career opportunities. Being awarded a CPA license is very prestigious, since it is not something you can acquire with just an education or a degree alone, you also need actual work experience.


The journey to becoming a CPA is long and hard, it takes dedication, long hours of study & a lot of concept clarity to clear the exam.  But all that I gained by becoming a Certified Public Accountant is much more than my efforts to reach here. If you’re just starting out and exploring career options, here are the top 6 reasons why becoming a CPA is totally worth it.

CPAs Make More Money (duh!)

It’s no surprise how much more earning potential one can acquire from becoming a CPA. Once you possess your CPA license after clearing all the examinations, you will have a wide entryway to substantial pocket work and a good career prospect. The investment that you put into the entire course gets reverted back to you within a few months of your first job. Your initial package lays between 6-8 lakhs per annum in India and $70K – $80K per year, in USA.


There is nothing compared to the increased earning potential you can expect over the rest of your career. CPAs can often expect to earn over $1 million more than their non-CPA counterparts over the course of a 40 year career. Now, how can you say “No” to that ?!


Career Stability


Every big business needs a robust accounting department. Every business that is listed on an American Stock Exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ) needs a CPA, because these businesses are required to be audited under the Sarbanes Oxley Act. That built-in job demand in the future means you can work in pretty much any industry imaginable. You may work at Fortune 500 companies, small tech startups and everything in between. You’ll be qualified to work at public accounting firms big and small, and you can even start your own accounting practice with your own clients. The career possibilities are truly endless. Not many other high-profile careers can make such a claim, which is what makes becoming a CPA so valuable.


CPAs Are Greatly Respected


 The CPA designation is highly coveted and respected in the global accounting community. Be it your foreign clients, team mates or business associates, everyone understands what a CPA does. CPAs are usually considered to be the most trusted advisor in the business community, and for a good reason. The depth of knowledge, skills, and ethical standards needed just to become a CPA are higher than almost any other professional designation.

. Within the accounting community a CPA license is the gold-standard, because it signifies that you’re truly serious about your craft and career.


International Job Opportunities

 International companies require you to have a CPA license. Whether you want to work in America, Australia, Canada, UK, UAE or any other part of the world, big MNCs (especially the Big 4s i.e., EY, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC) look for CPAs for their Finance and Accounting processes.


Great Scope in India

In India there are more CPA jobs than there are applicants, as a result of that, right now is the golden age to become a CPA.  This gap will widen as more jobs & processes come to India.  Given the situation of more demand than supply, fresher CPAs from India will experience greater career opportunities and better pay packages.


Give wings to your Career


It would be an understatement to say that a CPA license will open up plenty of career opportunities for you.

A CPA license doesn’t just open doors throughout your career, it is also a requirement to move up the ranks at most MNCs. Sure, you can still be a highly successful and qualified accountant without a CPA license, but access to upper and mid-level roles at international organisations more often than not are awarded to CPAs

Here are the job roles and remuneration for a qualified CPA.

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