How To Become a CPA

  • Exams
  • License

Understanding why you need a License

A license is the certificate of practice for CPAs. There are multiple types of CPA Licenses, but an individual needs to select one. A CPA License is bestowed by a Board of Accountancy from any American state or territory. You need a CPA license* to be able to call yourself a CPA. Using the CPA designation next to your name without a license is an offense.

*International candidates are required by AICPA to apply for a license within 3 years of passing the 4th exam.

The EduMont Academic team helps you in choosing and applying for the right license with an appropriate State Board of Accountancy, in accordance with your career goals. The EduMont Academic team can also verify your work experience in support of your license application.

Meeting the requirements of being a CPA

Although different state boards can have different requirements, there are 4 common requirements:

1. Clearing the Exams.

2. Having minimum 150 Semester Hour Credits.

3. Having 1 year or more of work experience (pre or post qualification).

4. Clearing the Ethics Exam (not mandatory for all states).

The EduMont Academic team proactively guides you in navigating the rules and applying for a license, as soon as you clear the exam.