What value can CPA add to my career?

This question lies at the heart of everyone who has ever wondered of becoming a CPA. Like all good things in life, CPA takes time and effort. But this effort is what makes the fruits of your labour taste sweeter. While different people could have uniquely different goals and measures of happiness, below are 5 objective measures of happiness and success that you could achieve after you become a CPA. Let’s begin!

  1. Job Security & Satisfaction

Once you are a Licensed CPA opportunities are plenty and varied. As a CPA you are employable across the world, in all industries in managerial and leadership roles, depending on the skills you’ve built and your desire. CPAs play important roles in financial decision making at all organisations listed on NYSE or NASDAQ, without any exception.


Meanwhile, CPAs in India are in higher demand now, more than ever and that is not likely to change anytime soon. In today’s world every major MNC hires a CPA because these multi-billion dollar businesses rely on the evaluation, analysis and decision making skills of CPAs (their key financial decision makers). Basically, you can say that CPAs go to big offices & obtain key positions very quickly due to their understanding of money and how it flows.

  1. Global Recognition

AICPA is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession. After passing the rigorous CPA Exam and getting your CPA LIcense, you too are a member of this fraternity of world leading F&A professionals. Be it your foreign clients, corporate colleagues, peers and even bosses, everyone knows that the CPA designation means.

It feels great when all the hard work pays off and you achieve a level of expertise beyond that of a ‘standard’ accountant, proudly earning the designation of CPA.

Any organizations that are listed on NYSE/NASDAQ or any other American stock exchanges have to employ CPA as per the laws announced by SEC ( Securities Exchange Commission ), which is equivalent to India’s SEBI ( Security and Exchange Board of India ).

  1. Career Development

Earning a CPA license is a pretty big deal, it shows an individual’s focus, potential and commitment towards excellence. A CPA license is also very important for those who desire a higher level of authority and responsibility.

CPAs acquire key roles with relative ease due to the holistic education provided across four disciplines i.e. Auditing, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Tax Regulation & Business in the CPA curriculum. The CPA curriculum also helps build quick thinking, analytical & logical reasoning skills. This means CPAs are uniquely qualified and highly desirable candidates for key job roles which require decision making.


  1. Career Abroad

The American CPA is recognized in 130 countries around the world. Indian students who become CPAs find easy and high paying employment at major accounting organizations (BIG 4/6) and leading MNCs in countries such as (in descending order for level of difficulty in immigrating) USA, U.K, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, UAE.

  1. High Pay Scales

Salary benefits are considered as an important criteria, and luckily there are numerous paths available for those who are opting for CPA. Once you clear each of the examinations, it opens the entryway to good career prospects. The investment you put into the whole course essentially returns back to you within a few months of you starting your first job. CPAs employed in India earn upto 53% more than their graduate counterparts. CPAs experience a high pay scale starting at 7.5 lakhs for freshers. While across the globe CPAs earn 63% more across the span of their career as compared to their other similarly qualified peers.

These were just 5 of the various value additions we think all CPAs experience. Depending on your personal goals and capabilities, your CPA journey may give you even more benefits.

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