Congratulations! You have been issued a clean report.*

Your CPA Eligibility Results* are as follows:

1. To be eligible to take the CPA Exams you need 120 Semester Hour Credits. 

Per our review, for this purpose, we find you: ELIGIBLE*

2. For the CPA license you need 150 semester-hour credits.

Per our review, for this purpose, we find you: ELIGIBLE*

Your State Board of Accountancy will be assigned upon your enrollment. You will also be assigned an academic SPOC for query redressal after you enroll.

All in all, you are eligible and meet the education requirement needed for a CPA License, upon completion of the PG Program mentioned above and the 4 CPA Exams. On top, you are also eligible for a license (after clearing all 4 exams) from states that have an MRA with CPA Canada, which can significantly help in immigration to Canada, should you want it in the future.

*Please note:

This is a preliminary eligibility report. Evaluating the correct eligibility for a candidate would require us to examine all their relevant marksheets (or copies of). Since we have not viewed/examined your marksheets (or copies of), we do not provide/express any warranties or assurance about the accuracy of this report.


Your actual CPA eligibility results may vary from the above stated results upon examination of your relevant marksheets (or copies of). If you do not meet the 8+ Subject specific credits required, you may need to take up an additional bridge course

To get your exact CPA eligibility checked, please send a copy of your marksheets to