How To Become a CPA

  • Exams
  • License

Get Evaluated

In India marks are awarded as percentages, these need to be converted to credit points, acceptable in the USA.

Train + Self Study

Prepare and complete the 4 CPA exams.

Subject Training Self-Study Total
AUD 1.5 Months 1 Month 2.5 Months
FAR 2 Months 1.5 Months 3.5 Months
REG 2 Months 2 Months 4 Months
BEC 1 Months 1 Month 2 Months
Total 6.5 Months 5.5 Month 12 Months

Apply for Candidature

You will have to apply to one of the 50 US states or 5 US territories (Total 55 boards). Each state/board has its own eligibility rules. Different candidates may be eligible from different State(s). The Accountancy Board of a US state (such as NY) will review and accept your candidature, permitting you to take the Uniform CPA exam. After getting confirmation from the State Board of Accountancy, the application needs to be forwarded to NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy). NASBA governs the operational part of taking the CPA exam. Your application is posted and tracked on the NASBA portal.

* You need a minimum of 120 Semester Hour Credits to be eligible to apply for candidature.

The EduMont Academic team helps you in understanding the rules and applying with a State Board of Accountancy most appropriate for you.

Schedule an Exam

After being accepted as a candidate, you are now permitted to schedule your exams, which requiresa NTS (Notice to Schedule). You need to apply for a NTS with your specific State Board of Accountancy in advance. On an average, different States require 4-8 weeks to process your first request. After receiving your Notice to Schedule (NTS), you can choose your preferred date and time for the exam at an authorized Prometric center. Subsequent applications for NTSs take substantially less time.

The EduMont Academic team helps you applying for a NTS with your StateBoard of Accountancy, in accordance with your preferred exam timeline.

Clear the Exam.

Clearing the 4 exams* requires a deep understanding of the concepts and practice of applying these concepts. Refer to our study plan for details on planning and preparing for the exams.

*After clearing your first exam, a AICPA mandated time limit of 18 months applies, to clear the remaining 3 exams.